Friday, October 23, 2009

I survived the closing

That's right! My store is finally closed and I survived. There were times that I wasn't sure I would (namely when I worked 9 consecutive days). There were times that my devotion to customer service was no where to be found (most notably when I was accused of false advertising and rather than attempt another explanation, I responded that I was just too lazy to fix the signs). But I survived. In the end it was bittersweet. Though I haven't worked for the company long, I have many memories at that location. All with some of my dearest friends. And I've been blessed to have, overall, worked with people that I really liked. KS girl, I'm really gonna miss seeing you all the time. And JD, I wish you and NF could've been there. You wouldn't have recognized the place.
But, it's done and over with, and life at BBV moves on. I managed to luck up and end up with 3 days off. Mostly because someone covered my Thursday shift since I had a Dr appointment, but I'm enjoying it none the less. I can finally see the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper, and I was able to get maintenance out to fix all the door problems we were having.
Little man has been doing great with potty training this week. Still relying heavily on the timer, but it's better than nothing. I just hope he gets it soon and doesn't wind out missing out on Pre-K because of it. But there's still time to worry about that. The new afghan is about halfway done (again). When doing a piece that requires you to stitch together a number of smaller pieces, always be careful. It's no fun to put in the final stitch only to realize you messed up the diagram and have to basically start all over again. But I've been a busy little bee with it, and should have it ready to post in just a few more days. And will be ordering the yarn for the next project next week. It's a gorgeous afghan pattern that I can't wait to get started on. So be sure to stay tuned for updates on that.
But for now, I need to start preparing for dinner at the in-laws, and hopefully to put in a few more stitches while I'm there. Talk to ya'll later!

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