Friday, April 16, 2010

Another week gone

Here it is Friday, and I can't figure out where the week has went. Of course, that probably has more to do with the fact that I literally slept through the first two days of the week than it does with time going by fast, but you know. I was down for the first part of this week with a UTI that had spread into my kidneys. But the doctor gave me some antibiotics, pain killers, and phenergan so I seriously slept all of Monday night, all day Tuesday and all night Tuesday night. But I'm feeling better now (still a few days worth left of antibiotics of course) and am starting to get my energy back, so it's all good. The only drawback is that I haven't gotten any work done on my knitting or other projects because once I was up and moving around, I HAD to start catching up on housework. Fun stuff. But I'm happy with where the house is for now - although I will have to do some more serious cleaning before my friends come in from NC next week. I've missed them terribly and CAN'T wait until they get here. Plus, BONUS, Tuesday is my birthday. So next week is going to be fun all around. Of course, I already got my present, the hubby usually doesn't make me wait when I know what I'm getting anyways, but we're still going to go out, just the two of us for lunch and some shopping. Mostly window shopping, but it'll be fun. On a side note, I actually was at work the other night, and I was checking out a customer - a young man - and he asked me how old I am. Less than a week away from my birthday, I just said, I'm 28 (will be in a few days, so what's it matter, right?). His response is, "Huh. I'm 25. You're 3 years older than me." I'm thinking, really? are you going anywhere with this, or do you just enjoy pointing out to women how much older than you they are. Hmmm, probably why you're not married yet. Of course that's still not as bad as the guy that swore I was either pregnant with twins or a rather large baby when I was 7 months pregnant, but that's not the point. Other than that, work is work. Still short staffed, but we're managing. We are having some problems with the two new cashiers - one more so than the other, but I'm not convinced yet that either of them will make it yet. On Wednesday night I was working, still feeling like crap - but hey a) short staffed, and b) can't afford to miss two shifts in a row if I don't have to. I'm running around setting tables, endcaps, all kinds of fixtures - and he's walking around the sales floor talking on his cell phone. You've got to be kidding me, right? So now I'm going to have to start being the bad guy at work, and I hate being the bad guy. But I don't know what else to do. Either you do your job, or I don't have time for you. Is that really so wrong? Probably - depending on the perspective, but that's what life hands us. Little man is same as always. Growing like a weed, and something new at every turn. Yesterday, I go to Nana's to pick him up from work, and he's speaking German. My kid is learning German. It only took us three years to get him speaking English. Of course I shouldn't be surprised. Right. These little guys amaze me at every turn. But that's my life in a nutshell this week. For now, I'm jumping off and picking up the knitting needles. TTYL

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