Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful Monday morning

Not a whole lot to add since Friday. We did luck up and get a very nice patio set for pretty cheap at the BX this weekend. I am going to miss the prices of things on base once our ID cards expire. But, that's okay. I'll just have to practice my skills at finding good sales in town. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is my birthday. 28 years old. Weird. Unfortunately, I got sucked into working because of inventory. Everyone is working tomorrow, so I wasn't able to get the day off after all. But hubby and I are going to spend some time together before I have to go to work. We're either going to go to the Shops at River Crossing and do some browsing at the stores, or we're going to hang out in town, and pick up some plants for the back yard. I think we're leaning more toward the plant idea, but we'll see. And the hubby is so sweet, he got me a stake yesterday to hang my strawberry planter on, so I'm anxious to get some strawberries growing.

I got another early start this morning, so I've been able to accomplish quite a bit already, and hope to get at least a few rows on my socks done today too. Little man woke up and wanted some sausage and OJ for breakfast, so he's munching away while playing Lego Indiana Jones - one of his favorite games. Kid is so busy playing I have to keep reminding him to stop and eat a little bit. But I try to cut him a break and let him play while he eats sometimes.

Just a few more days until N and J get here for their visit. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see my friends again. And I just found out that K is going to be in town this weekend too, but I don't know if she'll have time to meet up with us or not. I know when you're visiting like that, it's hard to make time for everyone that wants to see you. But we'll see how the weekend goes. The menu for this weekend is set. Spinach dip for starters, shish kabob and rice for dinner, and hummingbird cake and possibly homemade ice cream for desert. Can you tell we love entertaining? But anyways, I'm going to get off of here for now, and try to get some more done before I have to start getting ready.


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