Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to GA people

So today was nothing short of amazingly interesting. I woke up to find out that the AC had quit working sometime during the night. Not a big deal, call the repair guy. And this morning was cool enough that it didn't feel too bad. Then it was off to work. I felt pretty productive today. Got 2 out of 5 projects done, and got about a fourth of the way done with the third. Hubby called after his interview to tell me that he got the job (praise God), and a decent pay bump too (not as much as we had been hoping for, but nothing to sneeze at for sure). After that, he went by and got the rental application for the house that we want. I'm so excited at the thought of moving out. I just can't wait. 
After work, I came home to find out that the AC still wasn't working (and yes, it's 11 at night, and it's still not working). So shortly after getting home, Dad left to go get some window units to get us through the night.
He got one situated in their room, and one in Christopher's room. But seeing as my child has already figured out how to climb out his bedroom window, we figured it best not to leave him unsupervised for the night, so I'm sleeping in his room tonight. The epitome of comfort let me tell you. Which leaves my poor hubby alone and hot in our room. But what do you do?
With all the excitement today, I got pitifully little work done on stock, but hope to make up for it tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow will have a busy start. I have to take the dog to the vet to get more heartworm medicine and get his ear taken care of (poor baby picked up ear mites somewhere). Then I'll drop him off at home and head off to the housing office to put in our application for the house we want. 
I'm so anxious, and a bit nervous too. But God's gotten us this far, I believe he's got more in store for us yet. So that's about it for today. Now to get to sleep. Goodnight everyone. 

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